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Silvia Mhlongo - Wages Payroll Manager of Scaw Metals

“FIHRST is doing wonders for us. From the upload of the nettpay, the third parties, the garnishees. Whether I’m running 1 payroll area or 9 payroll areas, it’s still a piece of cake to me.”

Hein Smith - Payroll Manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers

“We have put FIHRST through local and international tests which they have passed with colours. I won’t move my portfolio away from FIHRST.”

Kim Vermeulen - Advocate at Smit, Jones & Pratt

“This partnership will ensure that the garnishee order money is being paid over correctly, and that the process is not being abused by external collectors or other attorneys.”

Jaco van der Westhuizen - Group Remuneration & benefits manager of Stefanutti Stocks

“It’s working. We’re paying people correctly, we’re paying them on time, and we’ve done so for the last 9 years with FIHRST.”

Suzanne Love - Director of Suburban Services

“We’ve been with FIHRST for 11 years. It’s been a productive, mutually beneficial relationship, and I would recommend FIHRST to anybody.”

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